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At Nkumu Fed Fed, we change lives. We believe that everyone, everywhere, should have an opportunity to have a better life and positively contribute to their community. Most importantly, we provide hope and opportunity to women and children to improve their families and their community.

Nkumu Fed Fed provides hope for the future and opportunity to women and children in the area of education, health, gender and social welfare. Your support can help us do more.

Thanks to you, Nkumu Fed Fed is transforming the lives of women, children and their families!

Quick Gift Guide

Your gift could help buy:

  • $10 = Pens and pencils for a classroom
  • $50 = Buy a sewing machine for a student at the Gwan Multipurpose Center
  • $100 = Provide breakfast for 40 people at a shelter in our community
  • $300 = Sponsor a child for a year at the Gwan Multipurpose Center
  • $500 = Provide mattresses to the Maternity Ward at the Bali General Hospital
  • $1000 = Equip a dormitory at the Gwan Multipurpose Center
  • $2000 = Renovate 4 classrooms at a primary school located in a rural community

Gift Designation

Your donation will go where it is needed most, unless you specify a particular location for it to be used. Nkumu Fed Fed retains complete control over the use and distribution of donated funds in carrying out its mission.